Our Values

Our Company Values

"Recognizing, as the owner of this business, that I am a steward of this business; I will lead with the endeavor of constantly striving to honor God in all I say and do."

Paul Hood (CEO)
We hire for attitude and personal core values and then train for skill. We believe that profit is a result, not a reason. We employ and partner with companies who treat people with respect and are self-motivated with humility, positivity and show both a high degree of caring, and integrity
We recognize the importance of family and strive to encourage and accommodate a healthy balance for all staff between hard work and their home life.
Encouraging individuals to set goals and continually striving to better ourselves through education, training, innovation, and accountability.
We demand a higher level of excellence and professionalism from our staff and trades, track and measure performance, continually look for improvements and work for a common goal of excellence in all we do.
We encourage, enable and support a safe work environment for the health, care and safety of every worker, every person, and their property. We have safety protocols in place and as a professional company we carry liability insurance.
Risk Management
Our risk management policy views all actions and decisions with the perspective to minimize and manage risks for all parties.
Fiscally Responsible
We provide governance, systems and make sound financial decisions that enable corporate stability and growth.
We assist local community efforts and organizations abroad through meaningful charitable giving.
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Our company mission statement and vision for the future are both guiding principles in everything we do as a business.

What's Our Mission?

Passionate professionals committed to serving every customer in York Region, Simcoe, and Muskoka with an unmatched level of home renovation satisfaction.

Our Vision For The Future

We strive to provide the highest level of service and professionalism and are recognized in the region for our commitment to customer service, our unwavering professionalism, and dependability on results.

Fixed Pricing

Fixed pricing established at the beginning of the project helps our clients feel confident there won’t be extra fees or unexpected expenses during construction. We are open and transparent about our pricing structure so everyone can make the most informed decision on their investment. No extra work will be done during the project unless explicitly approved by the client.

Research-Based Operations

In line with our core values and mission statement we always ask questions and do our due diligence with our customers so we understand your needs, vision, lifestyle, budget, timelines and other requirements. We then look at the construction science researching conditions, measure, inspect, plan and communicate back to our customers have excellent communication. This speeds up the timeframes, ensures an accurate scope and allows the customer to rest assured with well researched fixed pricing, project timelines, mutual responsibilities and more.

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible payment methods are paramount to any healthy business. It ensures our customers are satisfied by being presented with options that work for them. Our methods include cash, credit card, debit, e-transfer, wire transfer, bank transfer, financing options and even cryptocurrency. Our Invoices are clearly labelled with items easily broken down and sent in a timely manner. With respect for our customers, we offer a 10% holdback until we complete the entire scope providing even more peace of mind for our customers.

Liability Insurance

We carry $5m liability insurance identifying the owner as the beneficiary, provide clearance certificates for WSIB, and follow safety and governing bodies best business practices. It is important that we mitigate risk and do what’s right every step of the way.

Peace of Mind

Defect-Free Handover

The handover from our team to yours will always be defect-free and our timeline is stringently followed to allow us to stay on track and deliver when expected.

Lifetime Warranty

All renovations come with a lifetime warranty on structural work. We remain as a resource for our customers ongoing. Our customers can rest assured we stand behind our work. No other company like ours offers that unparalleled level of service.

Continuous Support

We never stop working for you; long after your project is complete, we are still readily available to answer any questions you may have, or quote any new work you might want done. We keep drawings, files, and project information on-hand indefinitely, so when the question comes up, we are ready to answer.

Liability Insurance

Peace of mind knowing you and your family are adequately insured throughout the entire process from plumbing through to underpinning, structural work, and everything in-between. Our insurance ensures your families future is secure.

Personalized Service

Dedicated In-House Team

Your renovation project will be tracked continuously as it remains under Bay Point's management from start to finish. This eliminates the potential for overlap in development, eliminating confusion and missed items, while presenting a straight-forward timeline and structured plan of completion.

Dedicated Project Manager

During the entire construction process your dedicated project manager keeps you updated through our customer portal with constant communication to solve any issues that arise, keeping all sides on track, and ensures everything moves along at a steady pace. Our PM’s who follow our guiding principles and are aligned with our core values, are honest, caring, open to feedback, knowledgeable, and will give you the confidence you’re working with the right team.

Continuous Project Support

Evaluations and inspections at key progress milestones throughout your project will ensure customers, designers, and developers stay on the same page at all times. We also conduct surveys to gather client feedback to fuel continuous improvement.

Values define the core nature of an organization. At Bay Point Contracting our guiding principles drive all activities within that company and define the behaviours that support our values.

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