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Dedicated In-House Team

Your renovation project will be tracked continuously as it remains under Bay Point's management from start to finish. This eliminates the potential for overlap in development, eliminating confusion and missed items, while presenting a straight-forward timeline and structured plan of completion.

Dedicated Project Manager

During the entire construction process your dedicated project manager keeps you updated through our customer portal with constant communication to solve any issues that arise, keeping all sides on track, and ensures everything moves along at a steady pace. Our PM’s who follow our guiding principles and are aligned with our core values, are honest, caring, open to feedback, knowledgeable, and will give you the confidence you’re working with the right team.

Continuous Project Support

Evaluations and inspections at key progress milestones throughout your project will ensure customers, designers, and developers stay on the same page at all times. We also conduct surveys to gather client feedback to fuel continuous improvement.

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