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At Bay Point Contracting, we believe your home serves as a sanctuary for your family, beyond just being a physical building. Changes in life can lead to a situation where your existing space no longer suits your needs. This might be the case if your family is outgrowing your current home, or you’re thinking about remodeling your basement to gain additional living space. Serving Newmarket, Ontario, our home addition company is dedicated to construction, renovation, and remodeling projects, focusing on home additions. Our team of contractors is keen on assisting homeowners in planning and designing alterations that make a significant difference in their lifestyle. 

Beginning with the development of a design and establishing a budget, followed by the acquisition of building permits, we provide comprehensive guidance throughout the entire renovation process. As your dedicated home addition contractor, we ensure your renovations are conducted with the highest degree of care and expertise. If a significant remodeling project is on your agenda, we’re here to assist in transforming your living space in a manner that fully realizes your vision while adhering to your budget.

Clarifying Your Home Addition Objectives

The essence of home additions goes beyond simple construction; it’s about embodying a wider vision for your house. We initiate this journey with a consultation to capture your expectations and requirements. What do you wish to accomplish with your renovation? This could range from a new bathroom boasting the latest in plumbing advancements to comprehensive kitchen renovations featuring new appliances and countertops. You might also be considering enhancing the energy efficiency of your house with additional insulation or updating the appearance of your property with new windows, doors, roofing, and siding.

No matter the scope of your vision, our process involves discussing your ideas and drafting an initial blueprint that encompasses everything, including the foundation and framing. We will provide you with a detailed timeline and the materials required for your home addition project. Our skilled team is meticulous in ensuring every element is flawlessly incorporated into the current structure of your home.

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With a strategic plan, we’ll make your home addition project a reality that truly reflects your needs and desires. If this is what you’ve been searching for, we encourage you to make that call. At Bay Point Contracting, we’re dedicated to providing the highest level of care and expertise to help every family fulfill their home renovation dreams.

Engaging a Trustworthy Home Addition Contractor

Engaging a trustworthy home addition contractor is imperative, especially concerning substantial home renovations. We have established our business on the principle of delivering all-inclusive services to cater to all your remodeling needs. We suggest looking at our reviews, submitting questions, and booking a consultation. Our team, versed in the complete spectrum from design to construction, is devoted to exemplary workmanship.

We grasp that this endeavor extends beyond merely fitting within your budget; it’s about seamlessly integrating everything to match your vision and enrich the lives of you and your family. In our capacity as your home additions contractor, we’re committed to offering an unparalleled experience. A timeline and materials estimate will also be provided, granting you full visibility and expectation management through every phase.

Beyond the scope of construction lies our commitment to building an enduring partnership with you. Our home addition company ensures that your satisfaction is met, focusing not solely on the workmanship but also on our thorough approach to every component of the project from start to finish.

Design Excellence in Home Additions

Our team at Bay Point Contracting is enhanced by the presence of an accredited interior designer, bringing unmatched expertise to your home addition or renovation. As your home additions contractor we are committed to planning every detail with care, from choosing the best materials to defining an accurate project timeline. Place your trust in our process to adeptly convert your vision into a design that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Planning the Budget for Your Home Addition

The budget serves as the critical lifeline for the advancement of your project. After our in-depth consultation session, we’ll furnish you with a detailed quote that covers all necessary work, from setting the foundation and structural framing to electrical, plumbing, and insulation services. Our considerable experience in conducting both specific room renovations and extensive home additions ensures that we offer you a budget that is not only accurate but also comprehensive, protecting you from any unforeseen financial burdens as the project unfolds.

Navigating Building Permits for Home Additions

Launching a home addition in Newmarket, ON, involves a meticulous process of compliance with local regulations. Obtaining the necessary building permits is crucial for the legality and safety of your project. Our services encompass assistance throughout the permit application process. We engage in a collaborative effort to guarantee that every piece of paperwork, down to the detailed blueprint, meets all regulatory standards.

Construction Site Preparation and Laying the Foundation

The initial task of our team in the construction phase is to ensure your property is suitably prepared, setting a solid stage for the construction activities ahead. The foundation, being crucial to the structural integrity of your house, requires detailed precision and exhaustive attention to every aspect. Serving as your residential addition contractor, we meticulously oversee the entire process, from the excavation and preparation of the area to building the foundation.

Expertise in Framing and Structural Work

The framing process is a critical phase where your home addition begins to emerge. Our extensive experience as a residential additions contractor is showcased through our adept framing work, ensuring the solid installation of walls, roofing, and siding. Planning for windows and doors is also integral to our process, providing essential ventilation and natural lighting to your expanded living space.

Implementing Electrical and Plumbing Solutions

Transitioning into the technical phases of construction, we offer specialized installation services for both electrical and plumbing systems. As an expert residential additions contractor, we possess the skill to flawlessly integrate these essential services with the existing infrastructure of your home, highlighting our commitment to exceptional quality and seamless union.

Tailored Millwork for Your Home

Bay Point Contracting takes pride in offering custom millwork as a key component of our home renovation and addition services in Newmarket, Ontario. Our expert team is dedicated to producing custom wood pieces, from stylish cabinets to bespoke shelving and built-ins, customized to align with your personal style and functional desires. This addition not only boosts the aesthetic allure of your house but also introduces a functional sophistication that integrates smoothly with any renovation or addition project. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, ensuring that your space distinctly represents your taste and enhances your lifestyle.

Completion and Final Touches: Paint, Flooring, and Exterior Work

As we move into the final phase of your project, we focus on the expert fitting of your selected flooring, aiming to perfectly match the look of your new space. Precision with paint is key to the process of adding the finishing touch that breathes life into the room. We also consider landscaping important, ensuring it complements the home addition and enhances your property’s overall appeal. The project concludes with an extensive final inspection, ensuring every detail adheres to our high standards of excellence and workmanship.

Initiating Your Home Renovation in Newmarket, ON

Are you located in Newmarket, Barrie, or the neighboring regions of Ontario, and considering a home renovation? Make the call to Bay Point Contracting. Our residential home addition team is skilled in guiding you from drawing up the blueprint to the final construction phase. Acting as your problem solvers and solution providers, we are eager to answer any questions and supply you with all necessary information to help you make educated decisions about your renovation project. Whether you need help in understanding the design, budget, or timeline, our team is ready to assist.

From constructing the framework to integrating complex electrical and plumbing systems, our commitment to quality and meticulous detail is unwavering. As your residential home addition specialist, Bay Point Contracting handles key aspects, such as installing flooring, insulation, windows, and doors. Our extensive services also encompass roofing, siding, and landscaping, ensuring the completion of your dream home to the highest standards.

Our home addition contractor selects a range of materials that best fit your specific requirements, skillfully integrating all components into a unified plan. We’re here to collaborate closely with you, turning your dream home into reality through a step-by-step approach!

Q: What types of services do you offer?

A: Offering a comprehensive range of services, we are equipped to undertake home additions, remodeling, and renovation projects. Regardless of the project scale, from bathroom updates to full kitchen renovations, our proficient team is committed to meeting your needs.


Q: How do you conduct the consultation process?

A: In our initial consultation, we focus on capturing your vision and understanding your ideas and necessities. We discuss everything, including budget and design strategies, ensuring you are equipped with all the information required to make a well-informed decision.


Q: Can you show me reviews or examples of your past renovation work?

A: Yes, you’re welcome to explore reviews from homeowners we’ve partnered with. Our team takes pride in its excellent workmanship, which is well-documented in our comprehensive portfolio of home renovation projects.


Q: What steps do you take in the construction of a home addition?

A: We guide the entire construction process of a home addition, from the initial consultation to the end of the job. This includes the preparation of the blueprint, setting up the timeline, securing the required building permits, and selecting the materials. We ensure that everything is taken care of, covering electrical systems, plumbing, flooring, cabinets, paint, and more.


Q: Can Bay Point Contracting work with home design inspirations I’ve found on Instagram for my project?

A: Certainly! We appreciate Instagram as a source of home design ideas. Our experienced team can convert your Instagram-based inspirations into actual design plans for your home renovation or addition. Whether it’s a sleek kitchen look, a comfortable living room setup, or a sophisticated bathroom design you’ve seen on Instagram, we’re committed to turning those concepts into life.


Q: What benefits come with choosing Bay Point Contracting for my project?

A: Our team offers unparalleled service and workmanship in home additions, focusing on building lasting relationships with homeowners. We ensure that the final product not only aligns with your vision but also enriches your living space in the best possible way.


Q: What areas benefit from your home addition and renovation expertise?

A: Residents of Newmarket, Barrie, and surrounding territories in Ontario, Canada, are the focus of our home renovation, addition, and remodeling services. We aim to supply homeowners in these areas with superior home improvement solutions.

What Our Customers Think

Jobe done was professional. Beautiful kitchen was done by Bay Point. Would have them for any renovation that would be required. Bay Point Contracting is the professional that should be used. Paul comes highly recommended for any contracting that is required.
Kelly Broughton
Kelly Broughton
Owner is a very professional and demonstrated integrity at every step. Some of the sub-trades were good but not the best. I would not hesitate to recommend Bay Point to anyone who asks.
Ed Enns
Ed Enns
We purchased a home built in the early 1980's and everything inside was still original. We wanted to update and remodel both floors of the raised bungalow and we contracted Paul to do the work. From our very first meeting, we knew we made the right choice. Paul had excellent ideas on how we could maximize space, and the work that followed was done professionally and with great care to quality and craftsmanship. Paul's construction team was professional, polite and a pleasure to work with. We are absolutely thrilled with our new home and have no hesitation in recommending Paul for any construction or remodeling work. Everyone was great to work with, and the quality and craftsmanship of all the work, was exceptional. We are totally and completely satisfied!
Randy Roebuck
Randy Roebuck
Bay Point Contracting did a commercial renovation for us on time and on budget. We couldn't be more pleased with the quality of workmanship and their flexibility that allowed us to continue to work around them with minimal disruption. Paul Hood understood the concept of what we were wanting to do and made suggestions as to how we could do the work in harmony with the rest of our building. A big thank-you to Bay Point Contracting and we would definitely recommend them to anyone considering a building project!
Sascha Ellis
Sascha Ellis
Working with Bay Point contracting was an absolute pleasure. They were able to make our vision a reality and within our outlined budget. Paul and his team were always polite, easy to work with and went above and beyond in taking care of our home during renovations. The jobs were done with an eye to detail and have made us love our home even more! We’d most definitely recommend Bay Point Contracting and would use them again.
Brent Murphy
Brent Murphy
Paul and his team have worked on a few projects with our family. We enjoy working with the Baypoint team. They are very professional, and we are always pleased with the final product.
LA Cakelady
LA Cakelady
Paul and his crew completely gutted our main floor, knocked out walls and created an amazing open floor living area that includes a gorgeous kitchen, dining area and tv room. Worked with our plans, Offered suggestions and made my dreams come true. Professional team and great to have around. Loving our new space.
Lucy Silvestre
Lucy Silvestre
We hired Bay Point last year to renovate our entire home. The owner Paul and the Project Manager, Mark, were always very professional, communicative, honest and patient throughout the entire process. Having so much experience and knowledge, Paul was also able to provide us with some suggestions for improvements to our home which we are very grateful for. Bay Point exceeded our expectations in terms of business professionalism. Renovating on a large scale is very stressful, but Paul and Mark made the process easier. We renovated during the pandemic and as was the case with most industries, but specifically the construction industry, Bay Point and consequently us encountered some hiccups and frustrations, but again, it was always dealt with great professionalism and honesty which never left us questioning our confidence in them. We highly recommend and we would without hesitation use them for future projects and in fact have already.
Jason Larter
Jason Larter
This was our second project with Bay Point Contracting and we couldn't be happier. They were helpful and professional throughout the renovation and the completed work exceeded our expectations! We would definitely contact Paul again for any future home renovation projects.
David Hart
David Hart
“My place looks amazing. I have no complaints and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bay Point.”

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Newmarket, Ontario, situated in the heart of York Region, presents a unique blend of small-town charm and bustling urban life. This vibrant community, nestled between the bustling city of Toronto and the scenic locale of Barrie, offers a diverse experience that caters to all aspects of life. From thriving businesses that form the backbone of its economic landscape to the serene parks and recreational facilities that dot the area, Newmarket embodies everything a family could desire for a balanced way of life. The town’s commitment to quality of life is evident in its comprehensive healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and a plethora of community services that care for the needs of its residents.

Within the borders of Newmarket, one can find an array of shopping experiences, cultural activities, and culinary delights that appeal to both locals and visitors alike. The area’s rich heritage and welcoming community spirit enhance the living experience, making it more than just a place to call home. It’s a place where businesses flourish, families thrive, and individuals can find their way. The seamless blend of nature and urban development in Newmarket offers a unique backdrop for those looking to experience the best of Canada. Here, life is not just lived; it’s embraced in all its facets, fostering a sense of belonging and care that enriches the community fabric.

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