Frequently Asked

Renovations, like homes, are unique and different from one another, taking on many forms and complexities meaning that no one price fits all. Bay Point take a step-by-step approach to costings to determine this by each individual project.

Bay Point have $5million dollar liability insurance coverage, coverage on their working vehicles, and good standing with WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board).

The entire permit process – from drawings and submission to site inspection and permit closure – is overseen by the Bay Point team. Permit closure is critical to ensuring a smooth renovation project and aside from municipal building permits, the team will also manage ESA, ROW, LSCA and any other permits necessary for the project. 

It’s totally possible. Some homes have a very clear location for elevators while others need more thought. A Bay Point designer will visit your home to review the situation, layout and needs before providing you with personalised and comprehensive options for you to review. 

In short, absolutely.  The elevator installation process starts with a consultation to determine your individual needs and space.  From there we deal with the design drawings, permits and construction – including possible relocation of existing pieces – followed by testing and training.  Elevator installations are complex but you can be assured that Bay Point will manage and deliver the project from start to finish.

Every situation is unique and needs to be approached with an open mind, knowledge of the possibilities and the solutions available.  Bay Point have a specialty designer dealing entirely with home mobility and barrier-free situations just like yours. They will be a core part of the consultation and design process, providing clear and viable solutions for your personal situation. 

The Bay Point design team have worked on homes of all ages. No matter the age of your home, a full review and due diligence exercise will be conducted whether it was built in 1820 or 2020. Naturally there are some differences in what is looked at and tested for but before work is started, the team dig deep to understand the true scope of the potential project prior to starting construction. Whether it’s caution in older properties around historic building materials or considerations around the exact structure of a wall that needs removing, we never assume and always conduct a thorough investigation. Bay Point believe planning and preparation in advance is better than the surprises, delay and increased cost later.

The design process includes the selection of all finishes. This includes everything from siding, shingles, kitchen cabinet colour, flooring, all hardware, and even the floor vents.  Every detail must be selected, and Bay Point work with you upfront to ensure completion of this. If you’d rather leave the design decisions in the hands of Bay Point, a professional interior designer will create a few possible styles for you to select. However, if you prefer to be more hands-on, you can make your own visits to suppliers to really look, touch and feel the vast options available to you. Whether you’d like assistance or simply a shopping list of items, Bay Point can adjust their approach to suit you.

The requirement for additional insurance is entirely dependent on the scope of work to be undertaken and the insurance cover you already have. Often, there is no change in the existing cover but for large-scale or complex renovations, your insurance provider may request a temporary change to the policy to cover this.  Bay Point recommend contacting your broker to discuss your insurance needs.

For sure.  This is easier where it is open below but even if it’s not, the team at Bay Point can create the opening below and then make some corrections once complete. 

This is certainly possible. A member of the Bay Point team will assess the site and make plans to remove portions if necessary; for example when moving or adding stairs or an elevator. If additions are required, options are available such as adding to an existing line or creating a new one.

This depends on a couple of things. If the roof is new, Bay Point may offer to tie in. However, if you want a new colour then entire shingle replacement is necessary. Bay Point will review the scope of the work to determine the amount of roof being affected and how. Only then can meaningful advice be provided on the best course of action.

This is unusual, but at Bay Point we have reused quartz and granite pieces on past projects. Generally, the reason for this is that the material is new, and the revised layout will require the removal and replacement of this.

This kind of work is possible and the team at Bay Point have undertaken this type of project previously. The fireplace manufacturer will need to be consulted so that any adjustments maintain compliance with their specifications. So, yes, it might require some additional problem-solving but it’s definitely possible.

Inflation will affect building costs and when inflation is higher, you’ll see that more readily impacting labour, materials, trades cost.  It’s a complex subject but in short, inflation will continue to move building costs pricing upward.

Bay Point aim to leave a home in better shape than it was found. That said, this varies depending on the scope of the work and the location of the homeowners during the renovation project. However, a professional cleaning crew will be appointed after each project enabling you to enjoy your renovation without the hassle of cleaning up.

Naturally! Depending on the floor type, one or two layers of protection will be used. For example, silicone paper is used over hardwood floors to avoid spill seepage. Special tapes may also be in place to guard against bangs and drops. A full review will be conducted to ensure everything is kept safe, protecting your home.

Bay Point Contracting has been in business since 2013.  The owner has worked in renovations for the best part of 35 years including as a renovation company partner, working on-site for much of that time, and even in a custom millwork shop.

Absolutely. Our previous customers are happy to share their experiences of working with Bay Point. 

The team at Bay Point love to listen to customers and really understand their needs. Making suggestions is a part of the relationship we hold with our valued customers and honesty is the only way to do this. Alternatives to original plans might be suggested but ultimately Bay Point only want the best for you and your home.

At the point of scoping the renovation, a project timeline will be provided to you. Not only does it provide the Bay Point team with an ongoing tracking measure to gauge progress, it gives you peace of mind and information on when your home renovation will be complete so you can enjoy it.

Upon signing the project contract a 10% retainer payment is taken followed by payment at the end of each month for the work completed in that time. Every invoice will have a 10% holdback amount, providing you with protection and leverage through to project completion.

Undoubtedly. You will have a dedicated Project Manager and, while construction is ongoing, they will be your single point of contact. It is this that provides the excellent customer service and experience Bay Point are known for.

Communication with Bay Point will depend on your personal preferences but the recommendation is to make use of the customer portal where all information on your project is stored and can be used to check progress and send messages to the project team. However, if you prefer text, email, or phone, all of these are available to you.

As early birds, the Bay Point team like to start at 7am but are happy to adjust this to suit the family environment and keep disruptions to a minimum. This will form part of our orientation discussion prior to starting the site work.

Additional charges might arise out of necessity or following a change in the project requirements from you. Either way Bay Point will review the needs, provide pricing and await your approval before proceeding with any work. 

All Bay Point work is under warranty – for general renovations this is for 1 year, with some works, e.g., structural projects, holding a lifetime warranty. These will be outlined in detail in the agreement prior to starting work. 

Building costs since 2019 have seen a substantial increase due to rising inflation as changes in supply and demand. Renovations take many forms, with unique existing conditions to work with plus a wide variety of finishes available to customers. Each renovation project is tailored to you and the final cost will reflect this.