Fixed Price Integrity

Fixed Pricing

Fixed pricing established at the beginning of the project helps our clients feel confident there won’t be extra fees or unexpected expenses during construction. We are open and transparent about our pricing structure so everyone can make the most informed decision on their investment. No extra work will be done during the project unless explicitly approved by the client.

Research-Based Operations

In line with our core values and mission statement we always ask questions and do our due diligence with our customers so we understand your needs, vision, lifestyle, budget, timelines and other requirements. We then look at the construction science researching conditions, measure, inspect, plan and communicate back to our customers have excellent communication. This speeds up the timeframes, ensures an accurate scope and allows the customer to rest assured with well researched fixed pricing, project timelines, mutual responsibilities and more.

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible payment methods are paramount to any healthy business. It ensures our customers are satisfied by being presented with options that work for them. Our methods include cash, credit card, debit, e-transfer, wire transfer, bank transfer, financing options and even cryptocurrency. Our Invoices are clearly labelled with items easily broken down and sent in a timely manner. With respect for our customers, we offer a 10% holdback until we complete the entire scope providing even more peace of mind for our customers.

Liability Insurance

We carry $5m liability insurance identifying the owner as the beneficiary, provide clearance certificates for WSIB, and follow safety and governing bodies best business practices. It is important that we mitigate risk and do what’s right every step of the way.

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