Disability, Future
Care, and Luxury

We are specialists with elevators and the surrounding issues involving mobility, access, convenience and safety. As your professional solution for elevator/barrier-free installations to assist with physical challenges, we conceptualize, design, and assist with permits for every stage from design to construction to installation to support. Our simplified process ensures you always know all options, whether installing as a stand-alone or as part of a larger residential renovation project 

Walk-In Options, Curbless, Widenings

We can integrate accessibility improvements throughout our entire process for those customers aging in place or needing options such as walk-in curbless showers, wider doors, custom-access cabinetry, home entry changes, lifts, and general AODA compliance.

Your Elevator & Barrier-Free Specialists

Our experienced designers specialize in elevator/barrier-free renovations and accessibility installations to ensure the highest level of knowledge and professionalism to every project we complete.

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